Soccer coaching 1v1 drill

This simple soccer coaching drill is easy to set up and will help your players make the most of 1v1s.


Watch any level of soccer and you will notice players who can win 1v1s find themselves in good positions to create problems for the opposition. This gives a big advantage to your team and creates more goal-scoring chances.

If your player has the ball, or is trying to win it in a 1v1, he needs to analyse the situation and opponent. It is vital to make quick decisions and use movement, skill and a change of pace to win the 1v1. Use this soccer drill to brush up 1v1 skills.

Coach team to succeed in 1v1 situations


Run the soccer drill

  • Split your players into pairs.
  • Players cannot tackle each other.
  • Use two markers five yards apart – gradually make the distance wider to make it harder.
  • Player 1 must beat player 2 by stopping the ball at the cone before player 2 can touch the cone.

The defender must analyse:

  • Which way will the player move?
  • Should he take a chance and gamble on which way the player will move?
  • How is the attacker’s body shaping up to move?

The attacker must analyse:

  • Whether he should turn?
  • Which turning technique to use?
  • If choosing to sprint, should he slow down or run at the same pace?

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