Attacking and defending skills soccer drill

This soccer drill gives your players a good test of their attacking and defending skills. The attackers have the edge, but the defenders must make sure they don’t have much time to hit an accurate shot that will knock the ball off the cone.

Make sure you change the defender often in this soccer drill because they will be constantly running and anticipating the attackers’ moves.

You can change the elements of the drill so any age group can use it by adding defenders or making the square smaller. It can be a frustrating soccer drill for the attackers, so look for players who keep a cool head when they’re trying to hit the ball.

soccer drill with cones, 3 attackers, 1 defender. The aim is for attackers to knock the ball off the cone
Here’s how you run the soccer drill:

  • Using cones mark out a 3 x 3 yard grid. Put another cone in the middle and place a ball on top of it.
  • No players are allowed in the grid.
  • Use three attackers and one defender.
  • The three attackers must pass the ball to each other and score by knocking the ball off the cone in the centre.
  • The defender must try to stop the ball being knocked off the cone by blocking or intercepting the attackers’ passes.
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